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4th OptEEmAL Newsletter

  • Editorial
  • In the focus: Background information on the OptEEmAL approach
  • Project news
  • Past events
  • Upcoming events
  • About OptEEmAL / Project ID / Contact

1. Editorial

Dear reader,

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our OptEEmAL newsletter!
In this fourth edition, we want to share our latest news with you and present you an overview of the OptEEmAL project progress.

During the last months, we have worked on finishing the implementation of the different functional modules that form the OptEEmAL platform and preparing their integration through an integration bus. We have also been working on the development of the graphical user interfaces (GUI) for the interaction with the users. In a few weeks’ time, the OptEEmAL consortium will meet for a project meeting in Rovereto (Italy). The project partners will be exchanging their views, checking the status of the different deployments and launch the next steps to be taken within OptEEmAL.

In this newsletter, we talk about some aspects of the work in progress realised during the last months by the OptEEmAL work team. In this way, today, we recap some of the project news and interviews. Of special interest can be the interviews focussing on two aspects of OptEEmAL: the HVAC and control strategies design on the platform (featuring partner UTRC-I) and the Energy Conservation Measures Catalogue as core feature of the OptEEmAL platform (featuring partner TECNALIA).

We will also keep on presenting you our project team, highlighting this time four more partners as we have been doing in the previous newsletters: Distretto Tecnologico Trentino / Habitech, Fomento San Sebastián and the city of Lund, the three partners providing the demonstration pilots to support the test of the platform in real districts, and Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, our communication, dissemination and exploitation leader. And as customary, we also show you some events where OptEEmAL has been present during the last months and upcoming events that can be of interest to you and where you will be able to meet us.

Enjoy reading!

Miguel Ángel García and Susana Martín – OptEEmAL coordinators, CARTIF

2. In the focus: Background information on the OptEEmAL approach

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) retrofit design in OptEEmAL

Detailed design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and their control strategies is a key feature differentiating the OptEEmAL platform from state-of-the-art design tools. United Technologies Research Centre Ireland, Ltd. (UTRC Ireland) is bringing industrial experience and expertise into the development process of the OptEEmAL platform to implement HVAC and control designs guaranteeing optimal district operation.
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An Energy Conservation Measures Catalogue as core feature of the OptEEmAL platform

The Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) Catalogue will be one of the main elements for making the OptEEmAL platform work. TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION, which is leading this central task of the project, explains what role the ECM catalogue plays and how it can help in identifying the best solutions for energy retrofitting measures in cities or districts.
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3. Project News

OptEEmAL consortium met for 4th Periodic Meeting in Barcelona

During three days, from 5 - 7 April, the OptEEmAL partners met in Barcelona to discuss the latest project developments and the upcoming activities. At the premises of the OptEEmAL partner School of Engineering and Architecture La Salle, the consortium worked on different technical aspects and had fruitful discussions.

OptEEmAL selected for a presentation at Impact Workshop of the Energy Efficient Buildings cPPP

The OptEEmAL project was one of four European projects having been selected for a presentation at this year's "Impact Workshop of the Energy Efficient Buildings cPPP" in Brussels. The presentation was held on 16 May 2017 within Session 4 "ICT, BIM/Data & Interoperability".
The yearly Impact Workshop for the three contractual Public-Private Partnerships (cPPPs) organised by the European Commission took place on 17 May 2017. The results of EU funded research and innovation projects in the field of the Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB cPPP) were presented on the day before in a session organized by the ECTP E2B Committee. The event was attended by the project coordinators and partners selected for each cPPP.
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Get to know the OptEEmAL consortium

During the next years, 13 project partners from eight countries, under the coordination of Fundación CARTIF, will work on developing an Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform that will help to improve the energy behaviour of a city district. In each newsletter, we will present you some project partners – this time Distretto Tecnologico Trentino / Habitech, Fomento San Sebastián, the city of Lund and Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum.

Distretto Tecnologico Trentino / Habitech

Habitech, the Energy and Environment District, promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento and recognised by the Ministry of University and Research, is the leading national center for green building, renewable energy and alternative mobility. DTTN will guarantee a large involvement of actors such as professional designers and small and medium sized companies interested in participating in OptEEmAL. Its contribution in the project is mainly focused on supporting the test of the software developed for the retrofit analysis of existing buildings in different districts.
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Fomento San Sebastián

Fomento San Sebastián is the municipal company dedicated to the economic and social development and promotion of the city of Donostia - San Sebastián (Spain), through innovation, knowledge generation and transformation, networking, and project fostering and management, all under sustainability criteria. The main role of Fomento de San Sebastián as end user is to provide a pragmatic point of view on the OptEEmAL platform, close to the real retrofitting projects, and to provide practical answers and information as feedback.
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City of Lund

The City of Lund has 115,000 inhabitants and is one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia. The city has about 9,000 employees. Lund University is one of the largest universities in Sweden with 40,000 students. Lund has very ambitious environmental and climate goals and is committed to the Covenant of Mayors' 2030 initiative. In the early development phase of the project, Lund’s role is to give the technical partners input from the owner’s perspective, and later on to test it.
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Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ) was founded in 1990 as the operational unit of the Commissioner for Europe of Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Economics. It is a not for profit research organisation within the Steinbeis Foundation for Technology Transfer, supporting innovation of SMEs and cross-border technology transfer and building innovation capacities in SME, and supporting their participation in EU research projects. SEZ coordinates the OptEEmAL communication and dissemination activities and the exploitation of the project results.
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4. Past events

World Sustainable Built Environment Conference (WSBE17), 05.-07.06.2017, Hong Kong
The conference celebrated the continual efforts and achievements of different regions of the world in terms of sustainable built environments of various scales, with a particular emphasis on urban neighbourhoods and buildings. Linked to the conference, Tecnalia published an article on the topic “Quantitative Impact Assessment of SEAP Measures Implementation on several Districts in the City of Donostia”.

Sustainable Places 2017, 28.-30.06.2017, Middlesbrough, UK
How to ensure long-term environmental sustainability of ever-growing, densifying urban areas, in a resource-constrained world? OptEEmAL was represented with two presentations at the conference: ”Model-based simulation and comparative evaluation of district retrofit scenarios” and "Energy-related data integration using Semantic data models for energy efficient retrofitting projects".

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Lean & Computing in Construction Congress (LC3), 4-12 July 2017, Heraklion, Greece
The 2017 Lean & Computing in Construction Congress (LC3) was a unique congress. It brought together diverse research communities and industry for eight days of high quality sessions and events that explored ideas on computing and lean concepts for the benefit of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management industry. Within the congress, the Technical University of Crete presented OptEEmAL results within the presentation “A cloud-based platform for IFC file enrichment with second-level space boundary topology”.
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5. Upcoming events

CISBAT International Conference 2017. Future Buildings and Districts – Energy Efficiency from Nano to Urban Scale, 6-8 September 2017, Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
"Future Buildings and Districts – Energy Efficiency from Nano to Urban Scale" is the guiding theme of the international scientific conference CISBAT 2017, hosted by the Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Within the conference, OptEEmAL will be represented by CARTIF that will make a presentation of the paper “Design of energy efficiency retrofitting projects for districts based on performance optimization of District Performance Indicators calculated through simulation models” within the technical session about Building Simulation & ICT.

6. About OptEEmAL / Project ID / Contact

OptEEmAL, a project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, will develop an Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform able to design energy efficient retrofitting projects that are based on different energy conservation measures to improve the behaviour of a district. The tool will reduce time delivery and uncertainties and result in improved solutions when compared to business-as-usual practices. Under the coordination of Fundación CARTIF, 13 partners from 8 countries are working on delivering an optimised, integrated and systemic design based on an Integrated Project Delivery approach for building and district retrofitting projects.

Duration: 42 months (September 2015 – February 2019) | Partners: 13 partners from 8 countries (France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey), coordinated by Fundación CARTIF | Call identifier: H2020-EeB-2014-2015 / H2020-EeB-2015, Topic: EeB-05-2015 Innovative design tools for refurbishment at building and district level.

OptEEmAL Project Coordinator:
Fundación CARTIF
Miguel Á. García-Fuentes
E-Mail: miggar@cartif.es
Phone: +34 983 546504

Susana Martín
E-Mail: susmar@cartif.es
Phone: +34 983 546504

OptEEmAL Communication and Dissemination Secretariat:
Lena Ohlig
E-Mail: ohlig@steinbeis-europa.de
Phone: +49 711 123 4033

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680676.

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