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2nd OptEEmAL Newsletter

  • Editorial
  • In the focus: The OptEEmAL approach
  • Project news
  • Upcoming events
  • About OptEEmAL / Project ID / Contact

1. Editorial

Dear reader,

Here we are again to share some of the OptEEmAL knowledge and news with you, and keep you up-to-date with the progress of the project.

We’ve had a fully booked agenda these last months and have experienced an important boost on the project activities. Apart from internal technical and general meetings we have put in common our view with some of our twin projects, NewTREND and Ecodistr-ICT, in the framework of the Sustainable Places 2016 event in Anglet this past June. This event showed us all how we are solving our challenges and marked the beginning of a hopefully fruitful cooperation.

This newsletter features a wide variety of work and activities carried out during this period by the OptEEmAL partners.

Today we will present you our OptEEmAL approach via an interview. We will continue presenting you our project team, highlighting this time three more partners as we started doing in the last newsletter. Again, we give you notice of some events where OptEEmAL has been present and upcoming events that can be of interest to you.

Welcome to the latest OptEEmAL newsletter and enjoy reading!

Miguel Ángel García and Susana Martín – OptEEmAL coordinators, CARTIF

2. In the focus: The OptEEmAL approach

OptEEmAL Concept
Within the OptEEmAL project, an “Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform” will be developed jointly by the 13 project partners. But what does this mean exactly? What distinguishes the special OptEEmAL approach? The project coordinator Fundación CARTIF provides some answers.

In very simple words, OptEEmAL will develop an online platform that will provide the user with an optimised design for district retrofitting, based on the buildings and districts information, the restrictions provided by the user and calculations using this district and building information among other factors. The aim is to create districts with an improved energy behaviour.
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3. Project News

OptEEmAL Partner Meeting in Chania

The OptEEmAL consortium met for the second time in Chania (Greece) from 16.-17. March 2016. The project partners discussed the work that has taken place during the first months of the project and worked on current technical issues.
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Technical Workshop of OptEEmAL Partners in Madrid

On 22nd and 23rd June 2016 the partners came together for a technical meeting. The focus of the two days was on the technical approach of OptEEmAL. Discussions evolved around the end-user driven approach and the OptEEmAL functional design.

Get to know the OptEEmAL consortium

During the next years, 13 project partners from eight countries, under the coordination of Fundación CARTIF, will work on developing an Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform that will help to improve the energy behaviour of a city district. In each newsletter, we will present you three project partners – this time FUNITEC, the Technical University of Greece and ACCIONA.

Fundació Privada Universitat i Tecnologia

Fundació Privada Universitat i Tecnologia is represented in this project by the research group ARC Engineering and Architecture La Salle. ARC is a multidisciplinary university-based research group specialised in the design, development and implementation of ICT solutions for the AEC sector. Within OptEEmAL, ARC is responsible for the deployment of the ontologies-based District Data Model and the data repository that will make the core of the OptEEmAL platform.
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Technical University of Crete

The Technical University of Crete (TUC) is a research-intensive University undertaking basic and applied research activities in most engineering disciplines. Within OptEEmAL TUC will mainly work towards the development of tools and interfaces with simulation software for the calculation of District- and Building-level performance indicators.
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ACCIONA Infraestructuras

Acciona is a leading European construction company constructing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under the sustainability principles. Within the OptEEmaL project, Acciona will lead the workpackage “Stakeholders’ involvement and formulation of applicable retrofit scenarios” and is also leading the task “ECMs catalogue requirements definition and specification”.
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4. Past events

Workshop “District Renewal: Innovative design tools and support systems for district retrofitting and renovation” during the Sustainable Places 2016 in Anglet (France)
The design of retrofitted efficient buildings and districts must involve all stakeholders within a collaborative approach that allows the delivery of cost-effective solutions. OptEEmAL together with the projects NewTREND and Ecodistr-ICT joined forces in this workshop to show how they will approach this scenario. The workshop took place within the Sustainable Places International Conference 2016 in Anglet (France) on 29. June 2016.

OptEEmAL presented at LDAC2016 – 4th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop in Madrid (Spain)
The LDAC workshop series provides a focused overview on technical and applied research on the usage of semantic web, linked data and web of data technologies for architecture and construction (design, engineering, construction, operation, etc.). The ARC Engineering and Architecture La Salle presented the main technological outcomes of OptEEmAL from the first eight months of the project at the workshop.

5. Upcoming events

“CITIES of the FUTURE-H2020” International Brokerage Event, 30.09.2016 , Istanbul, Turkey
The “Cities of the Future 2016” Brokerage Event will bring together 300 researchers, industry professionals, government officials and policy makers from Europe and Turkey. The OptEEmAL project will be represented at the event.

Workshop on Interoperable data models for Building's Life Cycle Energy Managment Processes - OptEEmAL-SWIMing Vocamp, 13.-14.10.2016, London, UK
This workshop will bring together experts in the area of interoperable data models for supporting energy efficient processes during the operational stage of a building's life cycle. The goals of the workshop are to explore different data domains of relevance to energy efficient building design and operation, including occupancy (activity and comfort), building products and devices, building control and communications, measurement data and also geolocation and data related to the building external environment and and thermal simulation modelling.

6. About OptEEmAL / Project ID / Contact

OptEEmAL, a project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, will develop an Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform able to design energy efficient retrofitting projects that are based on different energy conservation measures to improve the behaviour of a district. The tool will reduce time delivery and uncertainties and result in improved solutions when compared to business-as-usual practices. Under the coordination of Fundación CARTIF, 13 partners from 8 countries are working on delivering an optimised, integrated and systemic design based on an Integrated Project Delivery approach for building and district retrofitting projects.

Duration: 42 months (September 2015 – February 2019) Partners: 13 partners from 8 countries (France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey), coordinated by Fundación CARTIF Call identifier: H2020-EeB-2014-2015 / H2020-EeB-2015 Topic: EeB-05-2015 Innovative design tools for refurbishment at building and district level.


OptEEmAL Project Coordinator:
Fundación CARTIF
Miguel Á. García-Fuentes
E-Mail: miggar@cartif.es
Phone: +34 983 546504

Susana Martín
E-Mail: susmar@cartif.es
Phone: +34 983 546504

OptEEmAL Communication and Dissemination Secretariat:
Lena Ohlig
E-Mail: ohlig@steinbeis-europa.de
Phone: +49 711 123 4033
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680676.

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